In this tense cat-and-mouse two-player game, both players play on one keyboard and one screen.

Screencheating is allowed! One player runs around and collects three pickups around the level and has to bring them home before the other player catches him.

Project Information

UNSCREWED our submission for the 2019 Global Game Jam.

MY ROLE WITHIN THE PROJECT: General Design, Level Design


DURATION: 48 hours


 ENGINE: Unreal Engine 4

ACHIEVEMENTS: Audience Award at the Breda Game Jam Site


Unscrewed was our submission for the Global Game Jam of 2019. It was created with a team of 9 people. In this Jam we wanted to make a multiplayer game and wanted to bring back the nostalgia of playing together on one keyboard. During testing we noticed quickly that screencheating was inevitable. 

That’s why we decided to make that a feature of the game and build the game around that.

The game itself is a simple cat-and-mouse game where one player has to catch the other player, while the other one collects pickups and has to bring them home. The level is designed in a way to give the smaller player advantage.