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Project Information

During my internship at Rogueside, I embraced a multitude of roles to ensure the game captured the raw power that the Orks are known for in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Within the project, a large part of my work was enhancing the user experience, mainly through improvements to the Orks arsenal. This encompassed a range of tasks, including the implementation of VFX, SFX, stat adjustments, knockback and screenshake mechanics, and other gameplay enhancements. Given the nature of the IP, I also ensured that the game had an abundance of blood and gore, staying true to its essence.

In addition to my contributions to the user experience, I also worked on additional level design and AI behavior enhancements. Lastly, I helped restructure and organize the project and set up pipelines where they were missing.

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PLATFORMS: Steam, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation.

 ENGINE: Unity.