In this co-op Roguelite deck and dice builder, up to three players must fight and loot their way through the dangerous Towers of Wants, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles to become the prophesized Heroes of Arcana.

Project Information

In this project, I joined the project as a versatile freelancer, lending my expertise to various aspects of game design. I took on a range of responsibilities, including crafting captivating abilities and hero designs, fine-tuning game balance, refining UI & UX elements, weaving engaging narratives, and crafting compelling written content.

Initially, the game showcased turn-based combat that lacked the desired depth in its gameplay. However, with my involvement, we infused the experience with an enthralling blend of deck-building and dice mechanics. Players now have the opportunity to not only assemble a formidable deck of abilities but also gather a unique set of dice for their characters. This dual aspect taps into the nostalgia of collecting dice in tabletop adventures while satisfying the desire for character progression through gaining skills, experience, and valuable items.

To enhance players’ agency and immersion, we introduced Overworld events to the game. These events, available in diverse flavors, empower players to exert some measure of control over their characters—an aspect characteristic of roguelite experiences. Through these events, players can shape the outcomes and exercise strategic decision-making, further deepening their engagement with the game’s world and their personal journey.

Unfortunately, these changes are not yet reflected in the Steam store yet, so hold on tight for a coming update!

MY ROLE WITHIN THE PROJECT: Narrative & Game Design


 ENGINE: Unity


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