Roy Bomhof

Game Designer

A passionate Game Designer with a sharp eye for detail and a human touch. I excel at building player experiences, perfecting gameplay feel, and adding that extra touch of magic to create unforgettable games.
From implementing systems from scratch to fine-tuning mechanics, I bring games to a whole new level.

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Freelance Game Developer @ LFG (2022)

Get ready for Ascenders Combat Demo, an adrenaline-fueled battle against robotic foes! Collect orbs, score points, and dominate the live leaderboard. Discover hidden orb containers for massive rewards. Show off your skills and conquer the competition in this thrilling challenge!

In this project, I worked as a freelance designer in a small team where I was responsible for various tasks, such as the game design, combat design, enemy design and managing the project.

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Heroes of arcana

Freelance Game Developer @ Keypoint (2022)

In this co-op Roguelite deck and dice builder, up to three players must fight their way through the dangerous Towers of Wants, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles to become the prophesized Heroes of Arcana.

In this project, I was responsible for various tasks such as ability and hero designbalancing, UI & UXnarrative designs, and writing.

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Game Design Internship @ Rogueside (2021)

From the developers of the Guns, Gore and Cannoli franchise comes a new 2D run & gun platformer: Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & TEEF! Spearhead an Ork invasion, destroy the hive city, and kill your warboss! ‘Ere we go!

During my internship at Rogueside, I wore many different hats to ensure that the game felt powerful, as befits the IP of Warhammer 40,000.

At Rogueside, my roles included Game Design and Level Design, and I took on responsibilities for improving the user experience by adding and tweaking the VFX, Gore, SFX, and other gameplay enhancements.

Lastly, I helped restructure and organize the project and set up pipelines where they were missing.

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Game Designer
One-year student project at IGAD (2020)


Gather up to three friends and get ready to blast the corporations with your powerful paint blasters. Leave no tile unpainted!

In this third-person, online cooperative shooter, I was responsible for managing the design team and overseeing the design of the project.

I have also been hands-on in developing and implementing the UI, guns, enemies, and have worked as a Level Designer in the early stages of the project to help define the world.

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Game Designer

 One-year personal project next to IGAD (2020)

This sea-faring adventure game for mobile I developed together with another developer in half a year’s time next to our time at IGAD.

In this project, I was responsible for the gameplay design, quests, and the creation of 3D low-poly assets. All the assets in the game are created with free software such as Blender and Gimp.

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Awards: Top 4 games on the White Nights Conference.

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Game & NARRATIVE Designer
6-month student project at IGAD (2019)


In Lumberjacked, players unleash the hilariously wild art of flinging everyday objects, including friends-turned-unwitting-projectiles and the comically snoozing foes, to conquer puzzles and bop down adversaries.

In the third year of IGAD, we created Lumberjacked. During this project, I took up various tasks and was flexible during development. During pre-production, my main role as a game designer was to ensure that the co-op gameplay stayed light-hearted and fun. 

After pre-production, I was responsible for further developing the world and the narrative of the world. I helped set the tone of the world and its characters through personas and wrote the main story and dialogues. I also helped out with additional level design and narrative design by telling stories through set-dressing.

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Dev room breda

Games Industry Networking Event (2019+)

I am one of the two organizers of Dev Room. A game industry networking event at the MotMot gallery in Breda.

With Dev Room we want to bring game creators and enthusiasts together in a relaxed atmosphere. Visitors can network, showcase their games and play games that are still in development or have just been released.

It’s a great and fun opportunity for developers to showcase and playtest games, all while enjoying music and a drink.

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Hi! I’m Roy Bomhof, an alumnus of International Game Architecture & Design (IGAD) at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, BUas (formerly known as NHTV).

Since I was a child, I’ve been immersed in the captivating realm of imaginative games and stories. As I grew older, I stumbled upon the world editor for Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and realized I could bring those games and stories to life. From that moment on, I was captivated by the art of crafting intricate narratives and captivating worlds. I devoted countless hours to exploring the World Editor in Warcraft III, the Hammer Editor by Valve, and any other game that provided a level editor.

My deep involvement in the modding scene paved the way for me to pursue game development professionally, where I currently thrive as a game designer. My peers appreciate me for my unwavering passion, proactive approach, empathetic nature, and knack for solving complex problems.

To satisfy my ongoing thirst for world-building, I dive into the realms of Dungeons and Dragons, crafting my own captivating campaigns and assuming the roles of both Dungeon Master and player. With over 600 hours of Dungeon Master experience, I’ve had the joy of guiding multiple groups through thrilling, self-crafted worlds.

Game Jams


Global Game Jam 2022

In this game jam, you are a very serious employee of a very serious company and have to fulfill your part of the corporate machine that you are part of. In this funny physics-based puzzle, players will have to use their head to solve all the puzzles!

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2020 GMTK Game Jam: Out Of Control

In this game jam, you play as a satanic cat on a Roomba, who uses telekinetic powers to clean up the room by throwing the right objects into the pit, straight to hell.

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GAme jam: Dithercat
Game designer

2019 Yogscast Jingle Jam

In this game jam, you play as a cat, who collects food for its incompetent owners. The more food you eat, the more bouncy (and chonky) you become.

Don’t get too fat, or you’ll bounce off into space!

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Global Game Jam 2019

In this game jam, we made a Cat and Mouse game where both players play on the same keyboard and use screen-peaking as a core mechanic.

Awards: On-site Audience Award

Download & play it on the GGJ website!