Roy Bomhof

Generalist Game Designer

Graduate year Game Design student at IGAD in Breda with experience Unreal Engine 4 and Unity with a heart for creating narrative, co-op and RPG experiences.

I'm currently following an internship at Rogueside. Go check them out, they're cool! (

You can reach me at:


Design lead

One-year game project on IGAD

In this third-person cooperative shooter, I was responsible for managing the design team and overseeing the design of the project.

I have also been responsible of developing the HUD and worked as a level designer in the early stages of the project.

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Published on Steam

Game designer

Half-year personal game project

This sea-faring adventure game for mobile I developed together with another developer in half a year time next to our time at IGAD.

In this project, I was responsible for the gameplay design, quests and creation of 3D low-poly assets.

The entire game is created with free software such as Blender and Gimp.

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Awards: Top 4 games on the White Nights Conference

Published on the Play Store

Barcade breda

Games Industry Networking Event

I am one of the two organizers of Barcade. A game industry networking event at the MotMot gallery in Breda.

With Barcade we wanted to bring game creators and enthusiasts together in a relaxed atmosphere. Visitors can can network, showcase their games and play games that are still in development or have just released.

It’s a great and fun opportunity for developers to showcase and playtest games, all while enjoying music and a drink.

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6-month student project at IGAD

During the development of Lumberjacked I took up various tasks where the project required me to be. During Pre-production, I started out as Creative Lead, ensuring that the co-op gameplay stayed light-hearted and fun. 

During the production of Lumberjacked, I was responsible for the narrative of the world. I helped create the characters of Lumberjacked through personas and wrote the main story and dialogues. Later in the project I worked on set-dressing and additional level design.

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Rapid Game Development: Global Game Jam 2019 Submission

Unscrewed started out as an idea I had about the nostalgic experience of two players on one keyboard.

I contributed most with the level design of this project, starting with a symmetrical design and iterating from there.

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Published on the Global Game Jam website

Awards: Audience Award


3-month student project at IGAD

Mouse Madness is inspired upon the arcade classic Dig Dug. I had an all-round role in this project, helping wherever necessary. 

I helped solidify the design in paper prototypes, helped art with the implementation of their assets and animations and was responsible for the user interface and contributed the first level for the game.

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2020 GMTK Game Jam: Out Of Control

I’ve been wanting to try out creating particle effects for a while now. During this game jam, I created some really cool effects!

In this game, you play as a cat on a Roomba vacuum with telekinetic powers that has to clean up the room by throwing the right objects into the pit to hell.

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GAme jam: Dithercat
Game designer

2019 Yogscast Jingle Jam submission

In this gamejam I created some of the animations for the cat, 2D sprites and some particle effects.

In this game you play as a cat, who collects food for their incompetent owners. The more food you collect, the more bouncy you become. Don’t get too fat, or you’ll bounce off into space!

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GAME JAM: cortex cannon

2-week student project on IGAD

In this rapid game development project, I tried out the role of producer. I lead the team and made sure that deadlines were being made in this very short development time.

I was also responsible of pitching the final product to the teaching staff and my peers.

GAME JAM: potions, please

3-week project on IGAD with a custom controller

In this rapid game development project, I tried out the role of producer. I lead the team and made sure that deadlines were being made in this very short development time.

I was also responsible of pitching the final product to the teaching staff and my peers.

dungeons and dragons (5e)
game designer and writer

3-week project on IGAD with a custom controller

I spend a lot of time creating custom campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons, fifth edition.

I plan on making these campaigns publicly available somewhere in the future.


Hi! I’m Roy Bomhof. A third-year Game Design student at the International Game Architecture & Design (IGAD) education, at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, BUas (formerly, NHTV).

When I was a kid and played with my friends, I used to make up games that we’d all play with our imagination. When I grew a bit older, I discovered the world editor for Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. From that moment on, I fell in love designing stories and worlds. I would spend most of my time in the World Editor from Warcraft III, and the Hammer Editor by Valve.

 Growing older, I had chosen Graphic Design as my future career and study, but grew unhappy and lacked the interactivity with the audience. I had followed up that study with Product Design and Art, leading into Fine Arts at St. Joost in Den Bosch. My projects all ended up involving games so, finally, I gave in and applied to IGAD. I’ve never been as happy in my life.

At IGAD I’ve discovered that my peers value me for my enthusiasm, creativity, ideas and problem solving-attitude.

I ever continue my passion for world building in Dungeons and Dragons by creating my own campaigns and being a Dungeon Master (and player) for multiple groups.

Favourite games: Warcraft III, Risk of Rain and Dark Souls
Playing recently: Disco Elysium, Hades, Dragon Age: Origins
Books: Neuromancer, Mistborn Trilogy, Stormlight Archive

Key Skills


After 11 years of working in different creative branches, I come up with solutions and fresh ideas quickly.

My experiences include Graphic Design, Creating Workshops and Creating Campaigns for D&D

Level Design

Having over 6 years of level design experience, I am an all-round level designer with both skills in technical level design, environmental level design and set dressing.

My experiences include Real Time Strategy, Co-operative games, First- and Third Person Shooters, Platformers and RPG's.

Game Design

I've worked on multiple aspects in Game Design and have a broad amount of knowledge, ranging from digital games, board games and pop culture.

My professional experiences within game design are all from IGAD.


I adapt easily to new tools and people depending on what the task requires. I'm open to learning and apply knowledge quickly.

My flexibility comes from my personality, but also from experiences from different fields such as product design, fine arts and teaching.

Proficiency with Software

For the past three years, I have worked extensively on multiple projects in Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. I know my way around the engine and know Blueprinting (visual scripting), UMG (Unreal’s Motion Graphics and UI Designer) and have some experience with its AI and behaviour trees. I’m also experienced with the level editor.

For two game jams and my mobile game; Zeil, I learned the Unity engine and along the way picked up a basic understanding of C#.

As a designer, visualizations and communication are your bread and butter. I effectively manage documents and communicate them well with Google Suite and Microsoft’s Office 365. My background as a graphic designer makes me an advanced user of Adobe’s Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, which I use seamlessly together.

Lastly, game engines are not always the most efficient to quickly communicate your ideas in. I also have knowledge over Google SketchUp and Blender to make quick sketches for a level or an asset that’s required as a landmark.

Unity 3D
Unreal Engine 4
Google Suite
(Microsoft) Office 365
Adobe CC
Google SketchUp

Soft Skills

Teamwork & Social

I enjoy teamwork and working with people. I think I'm at my best when working in a group where my enthusiasm and creativity infects others with the drive to create.

Agile Development

I'm experienced with different Agile methods, such as Scrum, KANBAN and Lean. I've been a scrum master too!

Presenting & Presentations

My background in Graphic Design allows me to create good-looking presentations, while my people skills allow me to sell them to most audiences.

Project Management Tools

Atlassian Jira

For our third-year project, we use Atlassian Jira for our project management.


I have been using Trello extensively for the past few years. It's quick, intuitive and easy to understand. It's great for smaller teams and a personal favourite of mine.

Version Control

I have worked with version control for the last three years and am aware of the importance of the pipelines that involve version control. I have experience with Perforce, Swarm and Github.